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Leadership & Growth Programs

with Jose Ruiz


Be a part of my LIVE growth programs and you will transform your business and, most importantly, your life.   There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to my programs.  These life-changing programs offer a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. By bringing fresh ideas and a different perspective, my programs can help you achieve success.  We will meet once a week for the duration of the program.

15 Laws of Growth

Tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow.

12 Week Program

To reach your potential you must grow. And to grow, you must be highly intentional about it. These 15 Laws are your guide to understanding personal growth and becoming a more effective and fulfilled individual. If you have the desire to grow and become better than you are today, this is for you. 

Available as a Lunch & Learn, Mastermind or Keynote.

Intentional Living

Choosing a Life that Matters. For people who dare to live a life of significance. 

10 Week Program

Deep down, what does every person want most? To live a life that matters. We all want to make a difference. How do we achieve that? By choosing to live each day so that we intentionally add value to others. Through Intentional Living, you will learn how to write your own life’s story – one of significance. 

Available as a Lunch & Learn, Mastermind or Keynote.

Everyone Communicates,

Few Connect

What the most effective people do differently.

10 Week Program

Inside Everyone Communicates, Few Connect are five principles and five practices to connect one-on-one, in a group, or with an audience. You’ll see all of your relationships, from your boss to your kids, from your teammates to your neighbors, take a quantum leap. 

Available as a Lunch & Learn, Mastermind or Keynote.


Speaking Skills

Now more than ever, it is important for you as a leader to continue to develop your speaking skills. 

Speakers Club, Keynote, Half-Day Workshop

Want to know the secret to getting anything you want in your professional and personal life? Communication. Communication is the key that unlocks the door to effectively influencing others. Whether you are leading a team of people in your company, running a business, negotiating a contract, or seeking buy-in from others, if you know how to communicate, you will be much more successful than those who do not. I can help you master the art of communication so you can connect and engage with others at every level.



Join our club for weekly training, live speaking critiques, world-wide competitions and more! Participating in the Maxwell Speakers Club is the next best thing to being trained by John Maxwell himself. Each week, we will watch and extract lessons from John’s live presentations and speeches. As your facilitator, I will guide you through practical exercises to help you master your communication and become a better speaker. You will experience the same quality instruction used by John and Speaker Trainer, Roddy Galbraith, to train speakers all over the world through the John Maxwell Team.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

  • Support and encouragement.
  • Teachings from master communicator, John Maxwell.
  • Experiential learning through speeches, live feedback and critiques.
  • Practical weekly topics and assignments.
  • Participation in World Speaking Championships.
Our Weekly Speaker Training Continuity Program means you can:
  • Start at any time.
  • Learn and grow through active participation and real-time feedback.
  • Receive weekly modeling and teaching exercises.
  • Connect with like-minded professionals for support and accountability.

Each week we will build upon the previous week’s lesson and help you master your style of speaking and delivery. Get valuable feedback from your peers, support others in their journey, and receive expert guidance along the way. The Maxwell Speakers Club is your place to become the best speaker, communicator and presenter you can be!


Want to improve your speaking skills? Learn from a master of communication, John C. Maxwell. This half-day workshop will be a powerful experiential speaker training workshop, covering topics such as:

  • The art and practice of developing stories
  • How to connect with your audience and hold their attention
  • How to overcome the fear of speaking in public
  • Developing your own style of communication
  • Crafting your content for the most effective presentation

Upon completion of this training, participants will receive a certificate.


Whether you are making a 15-minute presentation or an hour-long keynote, your ability to connect and communicate will be essential to effectively getting the audience to take action and move forward. In this presentation, we will discuss the critical keys to success when it comes to influencing and impacting people. We will cover:

  • The speaking skills essential for every leader.
  • How to connect with others and keep them engaged.
  • The power of stories – even in the most technical presentations.
  • Why it is important for you as a leader to continue to develop your speaking skills.

Coaching for Leaders

The quality of your leadership is determined by the quality of relationships you have with those you lead.  

Half-Day Workshop, 6 Week Program

Coaching is the art of influence that underpins leadership in the 21st century. If you cannot coach, you cannot lead. As you are working with people on your team, you will find that every one of them is different. As their leader, your ability to coach will help bring each person’s individual skills, personalities and styles together so that you are all working as one unit. Learning to coach individuals to success is essential for every leader. The more successful the individual, the more successful the team and the organization.

Using the Maxwell Method of Coaching, a proven model for effectively coaching others to improve their results, I can facilitate the following programs for you and/or your team.

    Coaching for Transformational Leadership [Keynote Presentation]

    The quality of your leadership is determined by the quality of relationships you have with those you lead. During this presentation, I will lead you to and through an entirely different level of understanding of how to positively influence the people you lead to not only go way beyond their existing performance levels, but to go way beyond what they thought they were capable of.

    Regardless of whether your title is a manager or a leader, or you run your own business, you are in the business of growing, developing and improving people. That makes you a leader more than a manager, and we will discuss why this matters today more than ever.

    Coaching for Leaders Skills Transition [Six-Week Coach Training Program]

    Coaching is fundamental to your success as a leader, employer, director or manager. This program will help you tap into your natural coaching abilities so you can help others live and work to their full potential. This interactive six-week program covers:

    • Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders
    • Curiosity and the Power of Coaching Questions
    • How to Instantly Build Rapport and Connect
    • Being Present and Intentional Listening
    • Observation, Demonstration and Participation in a Live Coaching Experience
    360-Degree Coaching Experience

    Through observational learning and practical application, you will experience coaching from the perspective of every participant in the coaching conversation.

    Learn the Proven Coaching Model that Works
    Coaching is not telling or teaching. You will discover how to use a proven coaching model to help your clients, staff or team create their own results.

    Interactive Sessions and Live Participation
    To help you get the most from the workshop, two sessions are set aside so participants can take turns being the coach, the client and the observer.

    Upon completion of this training, participants will receive a certificate.

    Coaching for Managers, Leaders & Business Owners [Half-Day Coach Training Workshop]

    Lead Others to Success Through Coaching. Discover powerful skills to dramatically improve your ability to influence those you lead to greater results in their business and personal lives. This workshop will equip you with both the knowledge and the skills to:

    • Learn the skill of coaching to build better relationships with those you lead.
    • Coach others to success – rather than tell them what to do.
    • Empower others to sharpen their ability to solve problems and achieve results.

    Upon completion of this training, participants will receive a certificate.

    21 Laws of Leadership

    Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Improve your influence and impact with others.  These Laws are a must for every leader.

    2-Day Workshop.  4 & 8 Week Programs

    Whether you are responsible for developing your company, others, or yourself, the more effective you are as a leader, the further you will go. Our leadership develop training is based on John Maxwell’s proven leadership practices and lessons – the same skills, principles and values that John has used to train and develop leaders of nations as well as Fortune 500 corporate entities for nearly fifty years. I am happy to provide you and/or your team with the following leadership development programs.

      The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Lunch & Learn

      The Lunch & Learn is an opportunity to come around the table with a group of leaders and potential leaders to study leadership and growth principles. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Lunch & Learn will focus on three of the twenty-one leadership lessons from the corresponding book:

      • The Law of the Lid
      • The Law of Influence
      • The Law of Big Mo

      When you participate in this group learning experience, you will watch and listen to John Maxwell teach on the three laws, as Mark Cole, CEO of the John Maxwell Company, gives practical application lessons from each law. I will then facilitate a group discussion and you will be able to share your key takeaways from these lessons. This promises to be the most insightful, productive and engaging lunch break you have ever had!

      Lunch & Learn sessions typically run 45 minutes-one hour. You may book a private session for you and your team, or you may contact me to inquire about joining one of my open sessions.

      The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Mastermind

      Leaders embrace change as the key to growth. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is your handbook for growing and developing yourself and others. Through this study, you will learn to apply practical leadership lessons based on John Maxwell’s nearly 50 years of leadership experience. We will cover timeless laws of leadership such as:

      • Law of Solid Ground: Trust is the foundation of leadership.
      • The Law of Addition: Leaders add value by serving others.
      • The Law of the Picture: People do what people see.
      • And 18 Other Relevant Principles to Improve Your Impact and Influence!

      Learn what it really means to be a leader. The true measure of leadership is influence. Through this mastermind experience, you will learn how to improve your influence with others and lead them with confidence. You will also understand how to use your influence with others to help them accomplish their goals which in turn will help you achieve yours.

      Upon completion of this training, participants will receive a certificate.

      Living the Laws Two-Day Workshop

      Take your leadership to the next level. Knowing the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is great practice for any leader. Yet, getting a deeper understanding of the laws and learning to apply them daily is for next-level leaders.

      Based on John C. Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, this two-day workshop experience will provide you with the practical tools you need to address the leadership challenges you encounter daily within your profession. Experience each of The 21 Laws of Leadership from several vantage points through relevant case studies, fun activities, fierce competition, and ongoing development of a personal plan of action.

      During this interactive workshop, you will:

      • Learn and grow from the shared experiences of others in a challenging, but safe environment.
      • Understand the four leadership disciplines and behaviors.
      • Assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
      • Develop and practice the behaviors required to effectively lead yourself and others.
      • Identify ways to incorporate and apply the laws in your life and business each day.
      • Begin the process of creating a leadership legacy by developing others into great leaders.

      Upon completion of this training, participants will receive a certificate.

      Executive Director, The John Maxwell Team

      Jose Ruiz

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      Meet my coach and mentor, John Maxwell

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