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The Power Of Choice

Recently, I was asked to write a letter sharing advice to a student growing up in today’s world.  It was published yesterday in The Conversation’s Letters from a Mentor.  I want to share the letter with you because its not just for students – it’s for everyone.  Just replace the student references with your situation.

Here is what I wrote:

When I was growing up, I never had the opportunity to read a letter like the one I am writing to you right now....

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Leading Ourselves

When it comes to leadership, one could think that leading others is relatively easy if you intentionally work on growing your leadership skills. These are the areas to concentrate.

Emphasis on others.

Take me for example.  I have been studying leadership and personal growth for over a decade.  I know what it takes to be a great leader.  I have the greatest coaches pouring their wisdom on me on a weekly basis.

But yet, there are times that all the distractions (and demands) in...

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Your Daily Agenda – Part 1

personal growth Dec 04, 2017

Let me ask you a question, are you achieving what is important to you?

I hope your answer is yes.  If not, keep reading.

Another question… Can you quantify the amount of time you waste in a day?

This question may be harsh for some folks.

Let me clarify… when I say waste, I mean the time spent on things that do not get you closer to your goals.

I bet it is more than you think.  It happens to the best of us.  We live in a hectic, connected world that...

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Positive Mindset

The amount of times we think of how we are going to fail before starting something is staggering.  Isn’t it?

Seems like we are programmed to feel fear rather than excitement.  We rather cast a vision of feeling sorry for ourselves that casting a vision of success.  We self-sabotage.

I’ve been there.  We all have been there.  The worse part is that many of us make it a habit.

We are insecure, we blame, we are stubborn, we are fearful.

These are all self...

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Two Sunday’s ago I heard a sermon at Church that really touched me.  It was about Enthusiasm.

As the Pastor was delivering his message, my head was bobbing in agreement over and over and over.

It started with a powerful quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson…

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

The root of the word enthusiam caught me by surprise and will blow your mind.

I encourage you to “google it” as I dont want to spoil the surprise.


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Thinking about thinking

mindset personal growth Aug 17, 2017

Do you know how many questions you ask in a day? to others? to yourself?

Probably not.  Why would you?

Potentially, you can figure out how many questions you asked others based on your interactions that day.  That’s fairly easy.

But to yourself, it will be close to impossible.  In today’s ‘gazillion inputs’ world we avoid this question and simply go with the flow, our routine, our daily tasks.

I am willing to bet that IF you DID know the questions you...

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Where the magic happens

Today was my son’s first day of 1st Grade. I can’t describe my feelings as I was dropping him off today.  As a parent, you are quickly amazed how fast time passes, how fast they grow.  You can only hope you have done your job so they are equipped with the tools needed for them to succeed.

This morning, as we were preparing to leave the house, I asked him: “Son, how do you feel about today.. your 1st day of 1st grade!”  He looked at me with his big brown...

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