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Your Daily Agenda – Part 1

personal growth Dec 04, 2017

Let me ask you a question, are you achieving what is important to you?

I hope your answer is yes.  If not, keep reading.

Another question… Can you quantify the amount of time you waste in a day?

This question may be harsh for some folks.

Let me clarify… when I say waste, I mean the time spent on things that do not get you closer to your goals.

I bet it is more than you think.  It happens to the best of us.  We live in a hectic, connected world that “demands” so much of us.  Our family, our work, our friends, ourselves.  Everyone and everything is pulling you from all directions.

We waste this time because, for the most part, we go about our day unaware of these chunks of time and we treat them as part of our normal day – our m.o.

Let me give you an example… checking email.  I recently read an article that said workers spend an average of 4.1 hours checking email each day.  Dang!

On top of that, another research article stated that people spend an average of 4 hours a day on our phones! SAY WHAT??!!!

This behavior is very alarming, wouldn’t you say?  I am sure you see it every day.

Now to my point.

My coach John Maxwell tells me all the time…”Jose, the secret to your success is in your daily agenda.

…. and that is so true.  You are the result of your daily actions.

The good news is that we have control of what we do in our day.  COMPLETE CONTROL.

We just have to be intentional with our time.  We have to do what matters to us.

So if you are having a hard time getting closer to your goal  and/or feel distracted, scatter brained, or simply out of focus, here is something that you can do…

Go back to basics and make a plan for your day.

Give these 10 steps a try…

  1. Before you go to bed today, make a list of your routine – thinking about what is most important to you… think about your daily priorities and your goals.
  2. Organize the list according to your priorities.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep
  4. Wake up one hour before your usually wake up
  5. Because you already created a plan, you are ready for your day
  6. Follow your plan as best as you can
  7. As you go about your day, make notes on your actions.  Think about what is working and what is not.  Maybe you need to reorganize some items to be done in the morning rather than in the afternoon.
  8. Be aware of possible distractions and anticipate their outcome.
  9. Be constantly moving the ball closer to your goal.  Its like when your personal trainer keeps telling you to “squeeze those abs”.  Be aware of it.
  10. Reflect

This is an easy to do exercise and you can modify it to fit your needs.  You owe it to yourself to try it for a week.

Simple, right? 

In theory yes, the planning process is pretty easy.  It is easy to carve out 10-20 minutes to think about what we want to do and jot them down on a piece of paper.

The not so good news is that having the discipline to follow through your plan is hard.  Sticking with it is very challenging.  Specially when people are coming after your time… relentlessly.

Now, I am not saying that can’t sway from your plan because most likely you will – and that is ok.  When you do, be aware of it and come back to your plan.

Know that the secret of your success is in the decisions you make throughout your day.  I call these your daily MD’s (micro-decisions) and will talk more about these in part 2.

So, stay tuned.

To your success,


PS1.  In this post I made you aware of an example of wasted time that most likely you have experienced.  It’s up to you, but the way I see it, I gave you 4 hours back.  Let me know what you will do with those 4 hours to get you closer to your goal.

PS2.  This is another good lesson for your kiddos.  Tell them about it.

PS3.  If you find this post valuable, please share it with others!


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