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Great Surroundings

leadership Sep 15, 2017

Talent alone does not make you successful.  It takes more… much more.

In fact, I am certain that the people that surround you will determine your potential.

The ones closest to you will be the difference makers in your path.

But, come’on… we all know that, right?  Our parents engrained it to us very early on.

I remember clearly the sound of my mom’s voice when she would say… “Choose your friends wisely Jose”.  Her voice inflections were very intentional.  I can’t remember exactly who I was hanging out with at the time that made my mom mention that a few times…

She was right.

Actually, she was teaching me the Law of the Inner Circle, and she didn’t even know it.

The Law of the Inner Circle states: “A Leader’s Potential Is Determined by Those Closest to Him”

Reflecting on this today makes me smile because it is so true.

You see, yesterday night I had a dream and woke up with a lot of things on my mind.  One of those things was a project that my amazing wife suggested I do months and months ago.

The dream was different than others… this one casted such a powerful vision that it energized me to take action and dig deeper. I already had the WHY and the WHAT… all I was missing is the HOW of the project.

So, instead of writing a blog, I spent my morning (before heading to the office) researching ways to make the project come to life.

But one thing was very clear – I could not do the project alone.  For it to be successful, I had to get the right people on the bus.

At around noon my wife Neila texted me asking if I wanted to go to lunch… I said absolutely yes.

I needed to tell her what was on my mind.  But more importantly, I needed to tell her that 1. she was right about me needing to do the project.

For some reason, I say those words quite frequently…  “you were right hunny”… and 2.  That I was ready to start and if she was willing to be on the bus.

I was nervous to tell you the truth… This project requires a lot of work and, like many families, every second of our life is already accounted for.  From the moment we wake up to when we close our eyes at night… we are going 150 miles per hour.

Anyways… I had the conversation and her response proved once again her greatness.  She didn’t hesitate in telling me that I had her support.

She is truly the best person in my inner circle.

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do if it wasn’t for her.  I am so grateful.

I love doing life with her!

… and for the record, she has been on my bus since December 23, 2004, the day we met.

The take-away is simple:  Surround yourself with great people and you will be great.  Guaranteed.

Ask yourself who are the top 5 people you interact the most on a daily basis.  Do they lift you up?  Do they drown you?

To your success,


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